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I live in a rural area and the best shipping that is available to me is by the post office.
My shipping is completed via Regional A and B boxes.   There have been rate changes
at the USPS and currently it is less expensive for me to ship in one of the
larger boxes than it is to send in the regular priority mail box.  My policy is that I
round up your shipping charges to the next 50 cents above what it costs me.  That
is an attempt to recover a small portion of my costs for bubble wrap, tissue and tape. 
I will never intentionally over charge you for shipping.   Always feel free to contact me.
Thank you for your orders.  I appreciate your business.    Naomi











Naomi's Soaps, Etc. is a home based business that originated in 1996. Initially the goal was only to provide gifts for family and
friends.  Because of the overwhelmingly positive responses to the soap and our own observations of softer, less dry skin, we
decided to make our quality soaps available to others.

Naomi's Soaps, Etc. makes soaps in small batches to ensure top quality handcrafted soaps that will gently lift the soil from your
skin so it can be rinsed away. Because of the small batches, you may notice variations in shape, color or scent of the bars. To the
best of my ability variations in quality will NOT be accepted. This way you will receive only the best we have!

A combination of vegetable oils (olive, coconut, palm, rice bran, soy and castor) are used as our base. Individual soaps are then
enhanced with special ingredients such as silk fibers, vitamin E, goats milk, herbs, clays, nut grains, essential oils &/or fragrance
oils. Each ingredient adds its own special qualities to the soap so that you can find the ones best suited to you. Special requests
are always welcome as are any questions related to our products.

I hope that you enjoy your soaps as much as I enjoy making them. Any question, comments or suggestions are welcome.



Contact Info:

Naomi's Soaps, Etc.
12173  Fortune Road
Clearmont, Missouri  64431
Phone:  660-729-4481

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